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Features of the Product

Type of financing

 Livestock–Seasonal Loans

Target area

Rural areas of Sindh

Market segments

Poor or very poor male or female villagers or farmer shaving permanent residence in the area having land holding of less than 12 acres.

Service charges rate

Rs. 0.45 per day per 1,000 on diminishing balance basis/As per applicable policy

Loan period

6 months

Loan size

Rs.10,000 to 50,000 depending on the loan cycles, credit need and cash flow based repayment capacity of the borrower.

Frequency of installment

Single or bullet payment

Lending methodology

Group as well as Individual lending 

Collateral type

Social collateral, guarantee provided by the group members

Two guarantors for individual lending

Identification source

Copy of CNIC, and a photograph for males. Females are not required to provide photograph

Purpose of loan

Rearing, fattening, trading and milking of animals

Physical verification

Borrower’s residence and experience in livestock rearing and adequate space for livestock rearing

Cash flow Assessment

 Finance Department

Loan Processing Fee

As per applicable policy



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